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The Benefits of Contact Lenses

The use of contact lenses can offer certain advantages over the use of glasses in certain aspects that are discussed below:

Optical advantages

Provide total visual field, since the mount does not interfere with vision. The person perceives objects with a similar size to the actual size. For this reason, contact lenses are especially suitable for people with anisometropia (different strength in both eyes). In these cases, especially when there is much difference in graduation between the two eyes, we recommend the use of contact lenses over glasses as the image formed in each eye is a different size and the brain cannot join them in a single image. With glasses, the person usually does not tolerate more than 3 diopters of difference between the graduation of one eye and the other. There are no lateral distortions when you wear contact lenses, as the contact lens moves with the eye; the person is always looking through the center of the lens. By contrast, using glasses does not always look for the center of the crystal. So when we turn our eyes to the sides or when the glasses are not adjusted, objects may appear distorted or apparently displaced, especially when the person has high alcohol content. Wearing circle contact lenses provide you with same optical advantages as wearing any other contact lense, so when you wear your circle lenses you will have will enjoy many advantages over wearing glasses.

Aesthetic advantages

For many people wearing glasses can be a problem, because they do not feel comfortable wearing them. There are some professionals working is certain industries like advertising, film and drama industry where wearing glasses can hurt their image, therefore most actors and actresses as well as top models prefer wearing contact lenses. With the introduction of circle contact lenses this trend has gained more popularity, models who are not naturally gifted with big eyes, can now enjoy bigger eyes by wearing these circle lenses, as these lenses are designed in a way to provide more width and breadth to their eyes. Circle lenses come in various colors so they can be worn for any occasion.

Advantages for sports

There are many sports played around the world in which wearing glasses can pose a lot of danger and can restrict your movements, sports like football, cricket, hockey, rugby and basketball are some of them. It is advisable not to wear glasses while playing these games. You can wear your circle contact lenses while playing any sports, but while playing you need to make sure that take good care of your lenses. After you have enjoyed playing your sports, you need to remove them and put them in the case.

With so many different kinds and brands of the contact lenses available in the market these days, you can easily enjoy wearing them if you do not like wearing your glasses, or play some sort of sports, or work as a model in a modeling studio.


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Circle Lenses by Geo Medical Co., Ltd.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when it is actually in the eye? Cosmetics have been used for a long time to transform one’s look and as a method for proclamation toward oneself. The most recent trend goes a bit further. “Geo circle contact lenses” are extraordinary contact lenses that give the wearer the “round-eye” look of Japanese anime characters. They’ve been famous in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea for quite a while, and have recently ended up more common among the fifteen to twenty-five year old young girls in the United States. But ophthalmologists are warning against their use.

The GEO circle lens arrives in a wide range of colors and styles. The simplest forms are the standard colored circle contact lenses. The Nude and Fresh Color styles fit this portrayal. The Fresh Color lenses come in brown or ash, both natural eye colors. The GEO Nude circle lenses come in those two colors in addition to three others-the common shades of green and blue and the one of a kind color of violet. The GEO circle lenses also offer a natural look, in spite of the fact that they are exhibited as the boldest style. They come in every one of the five shades and utilize a dark ring around the iris to make the illusion of a bigger eye. The Olive style is a hybrid of diverse looks and comes in blue, brown, ash, or violet. The iris is light with a darker outline.

Other circle lenses are bolder and more sensational. They incorporate unnatural patterns and irregular shapes intended to grab one’s attention. The Hurricane lenses come in ash and brown and have a swirly white pattern embedded in the iris. The Magic style is accessible in brown and black color and features a pupil with rough edges. These are proposed to use with smoky eye makeover. Geo Circle contact lenses, which are accessible in both vision corrective and non-corrective structures, are accessible and are not much expensive (beginning at $20) over the web without a prescription and are not FDA-approved. Unlike to prescription corrective circle contact lenses, an eye exam by an eye specialist is needed for circle contact lens wearers. Improper use of Geo circle lenses or other unregulated contact lenses are of concern to eye specialists for a few reasons. Since contact lenses, unlike to eye cosmetics, sits directly in the eye, on top of the cornea, their utilization could be unsafe. Dangers incorporate scraped spots or scratches to the cornea, disease, and diminished vision because of hypoxia or diminished oxygen to the eye. Any of these conditions could possibly even cause blindness.


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Safe FDA Approved Circle Lenses

Circle contact lenses are cosmetic contact lenses intended to improve your eye color, texture, and enlarge the size of your iris! The majority of circle lens have been hand-picked precisely for the comfort, shade, and style. Despite the fact that the styles of circle lenses range from the unobtrusive Nude Series to the striking Angel Series, circle contact lenses are all amongst the most adaptable and regular looking styles you’ll discover. Circle lens is a cosmetic contact lens, also known as Big eye circle contact lenses, which has a wide dark ring on the outside broadens your eyes’ iris, making a beautiful appearance that you’ll fall in love with. Circle lenses come in a mixture of styles and colors. The majority of the circle lenses are 14.2mm in breadth, they provide you a natural and larger appearance to your iris. From the most subtle Nude series, to the boldest Angel series, you can customize the circle lens in any way you need!

You can purchase circle contact lenses, including crazy circle contact lenses, from an eye specialist, on the Internet or from a mail-order organization. It’s extremely important that you just purchase circle contact lenses from an organization that offers FDA-cleared or affirmed contact lenses and obliges you to give a prescription. Anybody offering you circle contact lenses must get the prescription and confirm it with an eye specialist. They ought to ask for the prescription, as well as the name of the eye specialist and their telephone number. If they don’t request this data they are breaking government law and could be offering you illegal circle contact lenses. Keep in mind that Buying circle contact lenses without a prescription are illegal as well as dangerous!

At this moment there are a great deal of items that you can purchase without a prescription yet they may not be safe or legal. Never purchase circle contact lenses from a road seller, a beauty supply store or a novelty store. It’s your job to protect your eyes by having an eye exam, getting a prescription and purchasing circle contact lenses from a legal source. Purchasing circle contact lenses that are not FDA affirmed might be hazardous. The FDA has a stringent approbation process with medical tests and trials to check they are safe for your eyes. Without FDA approbation the circle contacts could discharge hazardous chemicals into your eyes. This can result in ulcers, can scratch your cornea, or even cause visual impairment. Confirm that your circle lenses are FDA approved, you can check FDA contact lens approved circle lenses on their website. Circle contact lenses are a medicinal device and are controlled by the FDA for the safety of the people wearing circle contact lenses.


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Easy Ways to get a Dolly-Look

Dolls are amazingly beautiful, and their most stunning features are flawless skin and large stunning eyes. If you need to resemble a doll, you need loads of cosmetics and the right kind of accessories. Follow these tips on the best way to apply cosmetics and put the finishing touches on your natural yet doll type look.

• Begin with a cleaning your face. Take off any cosmetics you are wearing with cosmetics remover. At that point, wash your face with cleanser and warm water and delicately pat your face dry with a towel. Utilize a headband to keep hold of your hairs.

• Moisturize your skin. Pick the right lotion moisturizer for your skin and apply it to your face. This will smooth out any dryness on your skin and make an even surface for cosmetics application.

• Apply circle contact lenses. A doll’s eyes are larger in size and color, so you may need to enhance the color and the look of your eyes. Circle lenses are perfect to give you large looking colored eyes with doll like appearance. Pick the right circle lens to have a look you need. If you need defined irises (the colored area of your eye), discover a lens that makes a dark circle around the iris. You would prefer not to smudge your eye makeup, so put in your circle lenses first.

• Apply eye makeup. Take a light eye shadow and apply this on your eyelids to the bottoms of your eyebrows. Use a darker shade of eye shadow and apply it to the external corner of your eyelids. Make sure to mix your eye shadow. You can do this by using your fingers or a little brush. After you’re done with the application of the darker shade of eye shadow, use eyeliner to line your lower eyelid. (The liner ought to be the same shade as the eye shadow.) Starting at the center of your lower eyelid, apply the liner just under the lashes, and move the liner towards the external corner of your eye. Gently mix the liner outwards.

• Give Finishing touches on your skin, Make those red rosy cheeks. Use a light colored blush and apply the blush to your cheeks. Next, apply the blush upwards from your cheeks to your hairline.

• Define your Features. Delicately apply a bronzer around the sides of your face. Makeup can make your nose look narrower by applying the bronzer along the sides of your nose. Make sure to mix the bronzer with the bronzer so that you don’t make any lines on your face.

• Style your hair, Regardless of faultless skin; dolls have gleaming, flawlessly styled hair. Consider how you need your hair to look.

• Complete your look with accessorizing; wear basic shoes that compliment your dress. Plain, patent leather shoes and socks with ruffles will provide for you a doll-like appearance. If you need to wear a bow in your hair, attempt to discover one that matches the shade of your shoes or your dress.


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Factors Before Buying Circle Lenses

Picking the right circle contact lenses is a choice you ought to make with the help of your eye specialist. The right decision relies upon numerous variables, including your refractive error, how much circle contact lens your eyes can endure, your expectations and how willing you are to take proper care of your circle contact lenses. Here are a few things to consider before buying circle contact lenses.

How Often Will You Wear Circle Lenses?

Is it safe to wear circle contact lenses constantly or just on weekends or for special events? Most individuals wear delicate contact lenses, which normally might be worn comfortable either full-time or sometimes. But for circle contact lenses one should consider the maintenance and the products they are using for the circle contact lenses.

Would You Like To Change Your Eye Color?

Colored circle lenses are accessible everywhere and is great to provide you another look. These colored circle lenses can enhance your eye color or transform it altogether, regardless of the fact that you have dark eyes. Circle lenses can drastically change the presence of your eyes. Colored circle lenses can even make you resemble a vampire as in the famous Hollywood Movie, The Twilight Saga. These contact lenses are particularly mainstream at Halloween, furthermore these are accessible without power if you are not bothered with vision correction. All contact lenses, even non-remedial (or “Plano”) and circle lenses, are considered as medical devices and can’t be acquired without an expert fitting and a circle contact lens prescribed by an authorized eye specialist.

Do you need Bifocals?

If you are over 40 and need bifocals, multifocal circle contact lenses can diminish or take out your requirement for perusing glasses. An alternate is mono vision, where one circle lens is recommended to provide you great distant vision and the other circle lens for the other eye is endorsed for good near vision.

The Cost of Circle lenses

Circle lenses don’t eliminate with your requirement for eyeglasses, so you have to consider the expense of circle lenses and how this influences your savings. When considering circle lens costs, keep in mind to include the expense of contact lens solution too.

Allergies or Dry Eyes

Eye allergies or dry eyes may influence the comfort of your circle contacts or cutoff your capability to wear circle lenses. If you have both of these conditions, talk about them with your eye specialist preceding your circle lens fitting.

Professional Advice

After considering every point before investing in circle lenses, now is the ideal time to visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist for an extensive eye exam. Your eye specialist is the best individual to help you choose if you are a decent candidate for circle lens and help you pick contact lenses that are best for your individual needs.


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