The Benefits of Contact Lenses

The use of contact lenses can offer certain advantages over the use of glasses in certain aspects that are discussed below:

Optical advantages

Provide total visual field, since the mount does not interfere with vision. The person perceives objects with a similar size to the actual size. For this reason, contact lenses are especially suitable for people with anisometropia (different strength in both eyes). In these cases, especially when there is much difference in graduation between the two eyes, we recommend the use of contact lenses over glasses as the image formed in each eye is a different size and the brain cannot join them in a single image. With glasses, the person usually does not tolerate more than 3 diopters of difference between the graduation of one eye and the other. There are no lateral distortions when you wear contact lenses, as the contact lens moves with the eye; the person is always looking through the center of the lens. By contrast, using glasses does not always look for the center of the crystal. So when we turn our eyes to the sides or when the glasses are not adjusted, objects may appear distorted or apparently displaced, especially when the person has high alcohol content. Wearing circle contact lenses provide you with same optical advantages as wearing any other contact lense, so when you wear your circle lenses you will have will enjoy many advantages over wearing glasses.

Aesthetic advantages

For many people wearing glasses can be a problem, because they do not feel comfortable wearing them. There are some professionals working is certain industries like advertising, film and drama industry where wearing glasses can hurt their image, therefore most actors and actresses as well as top models prefer wearing contact lenses. With the introduction of circle contact lenses this trend has gained more popularity, models who are not naturally gifted with big eyes, can now enjoy bigger eyes by wearing these circle lenses, as these lenses are designed in a way to provide more width and breadth to their eyes. Circle lenses come in various colors so they can be worn for any occasion.

Advantages for sports

There are many sports played around the world in which wearing glasses can pose a lot of danger and can restrict your movements, sports like football, cricket, hockey, rugby and basketball are some of them. It is advisable not to wear glasses while playing these games. You can wear your circle contact lenses while playing any sports, but while playing you need to make sure that take good care of your lenses. After you have enjoyed playing your sports, you need to remove them and put them in the case.

With so many different kinds and brands of the contact lenses available in the market these days, you can easily enjoy wearing them if you do not like wearing your glasses, or play some sort of sports, or work as a model in a modeling studio.


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