Removing Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are in fashion these days, girls and guys who are smaller eyes are using them to their advantage and making their eyes look bigger and brighter. The circle lenses are tailor made for those individuals, so that they can tell the world they are bigger and beautiful eyes like anyone else.

Individuals, who use the circle lenses, or any other type of daily wear contact lenses, need to know that is very important to use the prescribed method of wearing them on and taking them out from their eyes. As our eyes are the most sensitive and most delicate part of our body, it is imperative that we take good care of them, so that they last for a long time.
Before you learn how to get contact lenses out of your eyes, you need to learn how to put your circle lenses in your eyes first. Here is how to put the Lens

1. The first step is to make sure that your hands and fingers are very clean, now pick up the lens storing case and open the lid of the right hand contact lens first.
2. By using the tip of your index finger, gently take out the right contact lens from the lid and place it on the palm of your left hand.
3. Inspect the lens thoroughly to make sure it is not damaged, you can check it by placing it on the tip of your index finger and looking at it from underneath against a light.
4. Once you are assured that the lens is not damage, put a few drops of your lens cleaner on the lens, and rub it very gently with your index finger to clean it from any debris or dirt.
5. Once it is cleaned properly, again use the tip of your index finger and bring the lens closer to your right eye.
6. Once the lens is near to your right eyes, use your left hand to open the upper lid of your right eye, and place the lens in your right eye very gently.
7. Once the lens is inside your eye, close your eye very gently making sure that the lens stays inside. Now rotate your eyes very gently so that the lens fits in the right place.
8. If you feel any kind of irritation or uncomfortable at any stage, take it out with gentle hands.
9. Repeat the same procedure for the other circle lenses.

When your are done attending the party and now you are home and want to take your circle lenses off, you can follow the directions below:

1. Removing the circle lenses is very easy, all you have to do is clean your hands first and also clean the lens storage box.
2. Now using your middle finger, open the lower lid of your eye, at the same time use your index finger of the same hand to gently push the lens downwards.
3. Once the lens leaves its place, try to pull it out from the eye with soft hands.
4. Place the lens in the storage jar and put fresh contact cleaning solution in it, close the lid and put it in a safe place.


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