Easy Ways to get a Dolly-Look

Dolls are amazingly beautiful, and their most stunning features are flawless skin and large stunning eyes. If you need to resemble a doll, you need loads of cosmetics and the right kind of accessories. Follow these tips on the best way to apply cosmetics and put the finishing touches on your natural yet doll type look.

• Begin with a cleaning your face. Take off any cosmetics you are wearing with cosmetics remover. At that point, wash your face with cleanser and warm water and delicately pat your face dry with a towel. Utilize a headband to keep hold of your hairs.

• Moisturize your skin. Pick the right lotion moisturizer for your skin and apply it to your face. This will smooth out any dryness on your skin and make an even surface for cosmetics application.

• Apply circle contact lenses. A doll’s eyes are larger in size and color, so you may need to enhance the color and the look of your eyes. Circle lenses are perfect to give you large looking colored eyes with doll like appearance. Pick the right circle lens to have a look you need. If you need defined irises (the colored area of your eye), discover a lens that makes a dark circle around the iris. You would prefer not to smudge your eye makeup, so put in your circle lenses first.

• Apply eye makeup. Take a light eye shadow and apply this on your eyelids to the bottoms of your eyebrows. Use a darker shade of eye shadow and apply it to the external corner of your eyelids. Make sure to mix your eye shadow. You can do this by using your fingers or a little brush. After you’re done with the application of the darker shade of eye shadow, use eyeliner to line your lower eyelid. (The liner ought to be the same shade as the eye shadow.) Starting at the center of your lower eyelid, apply the liner just under the lashes, and move the liner towards the external corner of your eye. Gently mix the liner outwards.

• Give Finishing touches on your skin, Make those red rosy cheeks. Use a light colored blush and apply the blush to your cheeks. Next, apply the blush upwards from your cheeks to your hairline.

• Define your Features. Delicately apply a bronzer around the sides of your face. Makeup can make your nose look narrower by applying the bronzer along the sides of your nose. Make sure to mix the bronzer with the bronzer so that you don’t make any lines on your face.

• Style your hair, Regardless of faultless skin; dolls have gleaming, flawlessly styled hair. Consider how you need your hair to look.

• Complete your look with accessorizing; wear basic shoes that compliment your dress. Plain, patent leather shoes and socks with ruffles will provide for you a doll-like appearance. If you need to wear a bow in your hair, attempt to discover one that matches the shade of your shoes or your dress.


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