Different Tints of Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are really wonderful to enhance your looks and appearance on any occasion, as they give more depth and beauty to your eyes. However, choosing the right pair of circle lens color may not be as easy as it sounds. Many people, especially beginner will have hard time in selecting the right pair for themselves.
Gray, brown, green, violet or blue; what shade of circle contact lens is right for you? This is the most obvious question for a number of contact lense buyers. The right color contact lenses accentuate your skin tone and will add glamour to your look. With the improvement in technology, there is huge range of circle lens colors available in the market to go with any kind of makeup or outfit.

Choosing the gray
If you are cool type of a person and like cool shades, then you can try buying steel gray shade of circle lenses. The blue hues are flattered with this cold tone. A soft gray shadow goes best with pale skin tones, while a deeper gray combines well with a darker complexion.

Brown Betty
With so universally flattering color like brown, almost anyone can get some dark spots. From cold to warm, earthy tones candy, there is a shade for everyone. Those with cooler shades can achieve a smoldering look with a coffee tone, while a warm complexion will look sweet with hints of honey. Brown is the all time favorite of all those who want a natural look.

True Blue
Did you think that blue was better for light colors? Think again: blue is surprisingly flattering for many skin tones. As with brown, all depends on the shade you choose. All shades of cold skin are favored with blue; if you have a pale complexion, try a silver or ice hue. The darker skin tones can go deeper with deep blue shadows of circle contact lenses.

Get your greens, girls, these are good for your eyes. The warm skin tones go well with green circle lenses, boosting the golden skin tones and lighting. The emerald colors, intensifying the paler shades of skin to the deeper, like jade or olive tones, duller.

Violet alive
Liz Taylor shook her violet eyes and you can too. While it gives freshness to the blue tones, the violet looks vibrant in warmer tones too. A lavender hue goes well with lighter skin tones, while a deep purple intensifies darker skin tones.

It does not matter what is the color of your circle lens, you need the same care and protection. It is only through proper care and maintenance that you can enjoy wearing your color contact lenses for longer period of time.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to consult your eye specialist first, before you decide on buying and using a color circle lens. Remember, safety first, and you need to be extra careful, as eyes are the most sensitive part of your body.


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