Circle Lenses by Geo Medical Co., Ltd.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when it is actually in the eye? Cosmetics have been used for a long time to transform one’s look and as a method for proclamation toward oneself. The most recent trend goes a bit further. “Geo circle contact lenses” are extraordinary contact lenses that give the wearer the “round-eye” look of Japanese anime characters. They’ve been famous in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea for quite a while, and have recently ended up more common among the fifteen to twenty-five year old young girls in the United States. But ophthalmologists are warning against their use.

The GEO circle lens arrives in a wide range of colors and styles. The simplest forms are the standard colored circle contact lenses. The Nude and Fresh Color styles fit this portrayal. The Fresh Color lenses come in brown or ash, both natural eye colors. The GEO Nude circle lenses come in those two colors in addition to three others-the common shades of green and blue and the one of a kind color of violet. The GEO circle lenses also offer a natural look, in spite of the fact that they are exhibited as the boldest style. They come in every one of the five shades and utilize a dark ring around the iris to make the illusion of a bigger eye. The Olive style is a hybrid of diverse looks and comes in blue, brown, ash, or violet. The iris is light with a darker outline.

Other circle lenses are bolder and more sensational. They incorporate unnatural patterns and irregular shapes intended to grab one’s attention. The Hurricane lenses come in ash and brown and have a swirly white pattern embedded in the iris. The Magic style is accessible in brown and black color and features a pupil with rough edges. These are proposed to use with smoky eye makeover. Geo Circle contact lenses, which are accessible in both vision corrective and non-corrective structures, are accessible and are not much expensive (beginning at $20) over the web without a prescription and are not FDA-approved. Unlike to prescription corrective circle contact lenses, an eye exam by an eye specialist is needed for circle contact lens wearers. Improper use of Geo circle lenses or other unregulated contact lenses are of concern to eye specialists for a few reasons. Since contact lenses, unlike to eye cosmetics, sits directly in the eye, on top of the cornea, their utilization could be unsafe. Dangers incorporate scraped spots or scratches to the cornea, disease, and diminished vision because of hypoxia or diminished oxygen to the eye. Any of these conditions could possibly even cause blindness.


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