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Circle lenses have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Popular YouTube gurus and even celebrities such as Lady Gaga have recently hopped onto the circle lens trend. With the growing popularity of circle lenses it is hard to know which is the Best Circle Lens Brand. Here, we review the top 10 circle lens brands including GEO, EOS, NEO, and many more, to decide which is truly the best circle lens brand. We discover the best circle lens brand based on design, comfort, price and safety.

First we compared styles and design. Out of all the circle lenses we reviewed, most of them had similar styles available. Each of the brands had over 100 different styles to choose from. We were very impressed with the wide selection to choose from.

Next we compared the comfort of each of the circle lens brands. There were 3 main types of contact lenses: the Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), Extended Wear and Soft contact lenses. Out of these three types of contact lenses, we found the Soft contact lenses were much more comfortable to wear as they conformed to the eye much more easily due to its soft material. The Rigid Gas Permeable and Extended Wear contact lenses were more durable, but were a little uncomfortable to wear on a long term basis due to the harder material used.

Price was the next factor we compared. The prices of each brand were around the same ranging from $25 to $40. This is far less than what you would spend on a normal contact lens which would cost $150 or more.

The last factor we considered was safety. This was one of our main concerns. We wanted to see if any of the circle lenses would comply to the strict safety standards of contact lenses in each country. Only one circle lens brand was able to pass all the safety standards in this test.

After a thorough investigation and review of all the top 10 brands of circle lenses available, we found one that shone above the rest.  This brand was Geo Medical Co., Ltd. The reason why Geo circle lenses won over all the other circle lens brands is because it won in all four categories: there are hundreds of designs to choose from, uses soft contact lenses which are comfortable to wear, has reasonable prices ($25 to $35) and was the only one to meet the strict safety standards set forth by the US FDA, Health Canada and many more. Best of all, you can verify the authenticity of Geo circle lenses on their website. is one of the most popular circle lens websites which only sells contact lenses by Geo Medical, Co., Ltd.

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