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Simple Tips to Clean Circle Lenses

To make contact lenses last longer and to prevent infections or damage in your eyes it is very important to perform a proper cleaning of the circle lenses on regular basis. If you are unable to do the proper cleaning care of your circle contact lenses, chances are the one day your may start feeling discomfort wearing your circle lens. With improper use of your circle lense, protein deposits will start to accumulate on your lenses and make you feel uncomfortable wearing them. These protein deposits are found naturally in the eye and accumulate on or around the circle lens if you do not wash them properly for longer period of time.

Whether you wear circle lenses, rigid or soft, correction or colored contact lenses, the answer to how to clean your circle lens involves the same steps. The only difference may be in the cleaning solution to be used for each type of lens. In this case, your eye care specialist may be able to give you the necessary instructions when you decide to buy circle lenses.

Let’s see what steps are involved in how to clean your circle lenses:
Washing of circle lenses should be made as soon as they are removed from the eyes. Never leave them exposed to wash later. Just takes them off and wash them properly as recommended by your doctor and always use a professional saline solution.

How to wash the lenses?

As soon as you remove your circle lenses from your eyes using your properly washed fingers, you must place the circle lens on the palm of your hand, pour a few drops of cleaning solution on the lens and rub with soft movements with the forefinger of the other hand for 20 seconds. Apply linear motion in all directions to ensure that the particles are removed.

After you have washed your circle lens, you should rinse with plenty of solution (there are different types of solutions or solutions specific multipurpose rinse). Rinsing removes all excess dirt that has been left un-removed in the washing process. The rinse should also be performed before putting circle lenses the next day to remove the surplus that may remain.

Once you are done rinsing your circle lens, you should let it rest in the case properly dipped in the fresh disinfectant solution. If using multipurpose solutions, make sure that you change the solution every day and do not use it for longer period of time. Most of the renowned contact lens specialists suggest that it takes at a minimum of 4-6 hours before these circle lenses are fully disinfected from the harmful bacteria and any other micro-organisms.

The answer to how to clean your circle lens is a good resource if you care for your eyes and want to use wearing your circle contact lenses that make your look beautiful by increasing the size of your eyes for longer period of time.


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Trying Circle Lenses for the First Time

Circle lenses are just like the ordinary contact lenses from their external appearance, but when you have a closer look at them you will that these contact lenses contain a thin round circle inside them which is of dark color, and when you put them in your eyes, they make them look bolder and bigger.

People who have small eyes, and experience lack of confidence because of that usually prefer wearing the circle lenses. They come in all shape and sizes to match your complexion and your outfit and you will be able to find in almost all the shops where you can find regular contact lenses. Your eye specialist will give you the right advice if you are considering wearing circle lenses.

People living in some Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong have smaller size of eyes as compared to the normal eye size. Girls living in these countries also dream of having bigger and beautiful eyes like most of the South Asians girls have, but there is no other way for them to realize their goal than going for the circle contact lenses. This is the reason; the use of circle lens is getting more popularity in these countries than in any other country around the globe. You will now see Korean girls, Japanese girls, Vietnamese girls, as well as Chinese girls having bigger and bolder eyes, thanks to the inventor of the circle lenses. Before the invention of these lenses, these girls used to wear the normal contact lenses, but as soon as the circle contact lenses hit the market and became popular, there was simple no need to use the regular contact lenses.

As far as the price of these circle lenses is concerned, they almost cost the same as the other regular contact lenses, and can be purchased both online and from a nearby retail store. Wearing the circle contact lenses is the same as wearing any other contact lense. When it comes to taking care of your circle contact lenses, you need the same care and precautions as using the regular contact lenses. Make sure not to use them for longer periods of time as these are fashion contact lenses and can be worn on party and festivals. Also make sure that you do not go to sleep wearing your circle lenses. Although there are rare chances of developing any serious eye diseases, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Before purchasing your next pair of circle lenses online, make sure that the source or site from which you are planning to buy them is authentic and offers quality products for your money. There are some fake sites in the business of supplying fake products or sub-standard products and charging the same amount of money from the customers. You need to be extra careful when buying your circle lenses, as the quality of lenses can directly affect your eyes.


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