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Removing Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are in fashion these days, girls and guys who are smaller eyes are using them to their advantage and making their eyes look bigger and brighter. The circle lenses are tailor made for those individuals, so that they can tell the world they are bigger and beautiful eyes like anyone else.

Individuals, who use the circle lenses, or any other type of daily wear contact lenses, need to know that is very important to use the prescribed method of wearing them on and taking them out from their eyes. As our eyes are the most sensitive and most delicate part of our body, it is imperative that we take good care of them, so that they last for a long time.
Before you learn how to get contact lenses out of your eyes, you need to learn how to put your circle lenses in your eyes first. Here is how to put the Lens

1. The first step is to make sure that your hands and fingers are very clean, now pick up the lens storing case and open the lid of the right hand contact lens first.
2. By using the tip of your index finger, gently take out the right contact lens from the lid and place it on the palm of your left hand.
3. Inspect the lens thoroughly to make sure it is not damaged, you can check it by placing it on the tip of your index finger and looking at it from underneath against a light.
4. Once you are assured that the lens is not damage, put a few drops of your lens cleaner on the lens, and rub it very gently with your index finger to clean it from any debris or dirt.
5. Once it is cleaned properly, again use the tip of your index finger and bring the lens closer to your right eye.
6. Once the lens is near to your right eyes, use your left hand to open the upper lid of your right eye, and place the lens in your right eye very gently.
7. Once the lens is inside your eye, close your eye very gently making sure that the lens stays inside. Now rotate your eyes very gently so that the lens fits in the right place.
8. If you feel any kind of irritation or uncomfortable at any stage, take it out with gentle hands.
9. Repeat the same procedure for the other circle lenses.

When your are done attending the party and now you are home and want to take your circle lenses off, you can follow the directions below:

1. Removing the circle lenses is very easy, all you have to do is clean your hands first and also clean the lens storage box.
2. Now using your middle finger, open the lower lid of your eye, at the same time use your index finger of the same hand to gently push the lens downwards.
3. Once the lens leaves its place, try to pull it out from the eye with soft hands.
4. Place the lens in the storage jar and put fresh contact cleaning solution in it, close the lid and put it in a safe place.


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A Guide to Contact Lens Prescriptions

A contact lens prescription varies slightly from an eyeglass prescription. Normally, the contact lens prescription is valid for one year. Because of the way the circle lenses are used, the power of the contact lens differs from that of the glass. The technical term used to describe the optical system of lenses closer to the eyes is “effective.” A circle Contact lens prescription also contains additional information related to the measurement of the lens. The contact lens box contains information on a left eye as well as the right eye and a doctor’s prescription also contains information for both the left as well as the right eye. Measurements of the base curve, vary from brand to brand, some contact lenses come with a wider base while other with a narrow base.

A new prescription will be needed if you change the brand of your circle contact lenses. Prescription may include instructions on how long you can wear the lenses for a given time. The provision of prescription may vary, but all terms, abbreviations and measurements are universal. Things you need to know about the prescription of circle lenses is provided in detail along with the instructions on how to read them.

• OS (Oculus Sinister) refers to the prescription for the left eye. OD (Oculus Dexter) refers to the prescription for the right eye. OU (Oculus Uterque) means the prescription can be filled by one eye.
• PWR (Power) is the amount of correction required is measured in diopters. The range is from -20.00 to 20.00. A negative number means myopia or nearsightedness; positive number indicates hyperopia or farsightedness.
• BC (curve) measures the size of the light needed to cover an eye. The range is from 8.0 to 10.0 mm.
• DIA (diameter) refers to the width of the lens. The range is from 13.0 to 15.0 millimeters.
• MARK is the name of the manufacturer of a specific goal
• COLOR (optional) refers to a specific type of lens. Visibility tints are not prescription lenses alter eye color. The colored lenses are easily identifiable are stored in cases. Enhancers modify the natural eye color slightly. Contacts will be opaque lighten, darken or completely alter the natural eye color.
• ADD (Add power) is an additional correction for reading or close the specific display for bifocal contact lenses. Power always assumed to be positive, although not listed in the prescription.
• CYL (cylinder) is a measure used for toric lenses, which are worn by people with astigmatism. The ranges from -0.75 to -10.00 and is measured in diopters.
• AXIS is another measure used to toric lenses. The range is 0 to 180 degrees Measuring how many contact lens must rotate to compensate oval instead of round shaped eyes (astigmatism).

These are some of the most common codes used in almost all the circle lens prescriptions and are the same throughout the world wherever you go.


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A Guide to Geo Circle Lenses

There is no shortage of people who are interested in buying circle contact lenses. You can improve the color and appearance of your eyes by using Geo Circle Lenses, but it is important to note that not all circle lenses are the same. As there are several companies who are manufacturing these circle lenses, there is a great difference in the quality as well as the price tag of these lenses. As a contact lens user, it is your responsibility to take time to do your research in order to enjoy the comfortable contact lenses and eye appealing color to match your personality.

Check the company before you buy circle lenses
Remember that eye safety should be your first priority in buying contact lenses. Be sure to buy from those companies that specialize in the manufacture of contact lenses. These days, you can find a lot of companies that sell these products without any guarantee of quality or safety. It is important to find companies that can provide high quality circle lenses and make sure they use materials that are comfortable and safe for the eyes.
Different companies use different technique and different material to assemble these Circle lenses. As these circle lenses are distinguished by the presence of a colored circle, you need to make sure that the color of the circle is in the inside of the lens and not outside. This is because the outside color may begin to flake and tear off once your use your circle contact lenses. This can be a major factor in causing severe damage to your eyes.

Make sure the company is safe
Every time you purchase products via the Internet, it is important to look for signs that the site is protected and secure. It is also essential to ensure that your personal and credit card information are protected. You also need to make sure that the website you are purchasing your circle lenses from is also authentic and safe.

Take your time to shop around to find a reputable dealer
There are so many sources to buy your circle lens from, you can buy them from an ophthalmologist shop, or you can purchase it from an online store. As most of the online stores buy them in bulk quantities, you are likely to get a fair prize online. There are chances that you may be able to get further discounts on the bulk purchase of your circle lenses when you buy them from an online store.

Shop online for quality circle lenses
One of the many advantages of buying online is that you can choose from a wide range of brands and shops without the need to go out. Obviously, this can save you money and time. Also, you can easily buy circle lenses, even without a prescription. So, what are you waiting for, find a reliable website, and order your supply of Geo circle lenses today.


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Different Tints of Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are really wonderful to enhance your looks and appearance on any occasion, as they give more depth and beauty to your eyes. However, choosing the right pair of circle lens color may not be as easy as it sounds. Many people, especially beginner will have hard time in selecting the right pair for themselves.
Gray, brown, green, violet or blue; what shade of circle contact lens is right for you? This is the most obvious question for a number of contact lense buyers. The right color contact lenses accentuate your skin tone and will add glamour to your look. With the improvement in technology, there is huge range of circle lens colors available in the market to go with any kind of makeup or outfit.

Choosing the gray
If you are cool type of a person and like cool shades, then you can try buying steel gray shade of circle lenses. The blue hues are flattered with this cold tone. A soft gray shadow goes best with pale skin tones, while a deeper gray combines well with a darker complexion.

Brown Betty
With so universally flattering color like brown, almost anyone can get some dark spots. From cold to warm, earthy tones candy, there is a shade for everyone. Those with cooler shades can achieve a smoldering look with a coffee tone, while a warm complexion will look sweet with hints of honey. Brown is the all time favorite of all those who want a natural look.

True Blue
Did you think that blue was better for light colors? Think again: blue is surprisingly flattering for many skin tones. As with brown, all depends on the shade you choose. All shades of cold skin are favored with blue; if you have a pale complexion, try a silver or ice hue. The darker skin tones can go deeper with deep blue shadows of circle contact lenses.

Get your greens, girls, these are good for your eyes. The warm skin tones go well with green circle lenses, boosting the golden skin tones and lighting. The emerald colors, intensifying the paler shades of skin to the deeper, like jade or olive tones, duller.

Violet alive
Liz Taylor shook her violet eyes and you can too. While it gives freshness to the blue tones, the violet looks vibrant in warmer tones too. A lavender hue goes well with lighter skin tones, while a deep purple intensifies darker skin tones.

It does not matter what is the color of your circle lens, you need the same care and protection. It is only through proper care and maintenance that you can enjoy wearing your color contact lenses for longer period of time.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to consult your eye specialist first, before you decide on buying and using a color circle lens. Remember, safety first, and you need to be extra careful, as eyes are the most sensitive part of your body.


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Spring Color Circle Lenses

Spring is the season of colors and as soon as the season of spring arrives people especially ladies hit the markets to get hold of various colorful things to match with the colors of life. They wear colorful dresses, they put on colorful jewelry and they wear colorful makeup to make a perfect spring outlook. All those ladies, who go one step further, look for the colored circle lenses to go along their colorful outfit for a better spring outlook. These circle contact lenses not only add color to your eyes, but they also add volume to your eyes and make them look bigger and bolder. You can easily find these colorful circle lenses from any ophthalmologist shop or you can go to a big mall to look for them, some of the eye specialists also have a huge collection of these colored circle lenses.

One of the favorite spring colors of the spring seasons is the light blue color; this can be found in the circle lenses as well. The light blue colored circle lenses are especially like by ladies who have a fair complexion as they can go with any kind of dress they put on. You can wear this color of contact lenses to any occasion and be the point of attraction for all. The blue color circle lenses add a touch of elegance and add to your charisma.

Another of the favorite spring color as far as circle lenses are concerned is the light green color; this color also fits the ladies with the fair complexion. The light green color of the circle lenses in your eyes gives a cool appearance to your personality, the touch of green adds live to your eyes. You do not have to wear a special colored dress to go along with the light green colored contact lense, as they can go with any kind of dress you put on. Girls like to wear this color of contact lenses in their weddings and impress their grooms with their killer looks.

The best color of circle contact lenses for ladies with darker complexion to wear in the spring season is undoubtedly light brown color. The light brown color of circle lenses is the number one choice for girls and boys who have darker complexion and who have little eyes. This color goes well with any kind of dress you are putting on and can easily suit any occasion, whether casual or professional.

It is not very hard to find these as well as other spring colors of circle contact lenses, if you are having any problems finding them in your neighborhood eye clinic, you can try finding them online. There is no shortage of sites offering these colored circle lenses and there are chances that you can even get them at better prices. All you need to do is a little research in finding the best site that offers great deals and quality products.


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Choosing the Correct Contact Lens

It is always best to know your options before you start buying lenses. There are different types of contact lenses available in the market both online as well as offline these days. You also need to make sure to get some advice from your eye specialist before you chose a contact lense for you. Following are some of the different kinds of contact lenses available, choosing the right contact lenses won’t be any problem now.

Soft lenses:

The most common type of contact lenses used worldwide are the soft contact lenses, these come in various categories, and they may be colored or transparent, disposable or non-disposable.

Disposable Lenses:

If you do not want to deal with the problems of regularly taking care and maintenance associated with contact lenses, disposable contact lenses are the way to go. They can be used for only a day or a week or two before being they are disposed off. Daily disposable lenses do not even require to be cleaned with cleaning solutions. Since these are available in various colors too, these are perfect if you need to just try different eye colors-for a while. However, before you buy them, it would be better to consult your doctor about what type or brand of disposable lenses would be best for your type of eyes.

Annual soft contact lenses:

Obviously, as the name suggests, these lenses last a full year. These lenses are also referred to as breathable lenses, as they allow the oxygen to pass through thus preventing the drying of eyes and the contact lenses. These contact lenses are made with special material, which is soft as well as it breathes, and passes the oxygen. Unlike its counterparts, these contacts require care and regular cleaning and proper storage.

Torics for astigmatism:

For persons with astigmatism, corneal inability to properly focus an image on the retina, you have Torics. They provide the same ease of use and clarity of vision as normal contacts. These are available in both GP and soft lenses.

Cosmetic lenses:

Cosmetic lenses are those that also allow you to alter the color or looks of your iris. While the primary role of contact lenses is to correct vision problems, now a day you may find them to be used as fashion.

Circle contact lenses:

Circle contact lenses are another kind of these cosmetic lenses. These circle lense are called so because of the presence of a colored circle inside them, this circle makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. The circle contact lenses come in various colors and sizes to match your needs. You can buy your circle lens from a variety of sources; they can be bought online as well as offline. There are some great sites which offer great deals on these circle lenses.

Just like any other contact lenses, these circle lenses also need proper care and maintenance. You need to ask your eye specialist for his or her advice before you purchase your circle lenses.


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